Application: Student Membership to Scientific Organization

In order to promote participation in professional societies, the ACS WI Local Section will subsidize student/early graduate memberships in professional scientific organizations. The grants will reimburse 50% of membership fees for awardees. All current undergraduate, graduate, and postdoc members of the ACS and ACS WI Local Section are eligible for this offer. If you would like apply to have your ACS membership fees subsidized, first join the ACS as a Basic Level member, and then apply for this grant to upgrade your membership. You must provide a membership payment receipt in your email to the ACS WI Local Section Treasurer.

ex) 123 University St. Madison, WI 53706
This grant is only available to American Chemical Society – Wisconsin Local Section members. Students can either join the ACS and choose Wisconsin as their Local Section when they join or join the ACS and then become Affiliate Members to the ACS WI Local Section (annual membership $2).. Your ACS Member Number is a 7 or 8 digit number – see this page for more information.
ex) UW-Platteville
If you are working with a specific faculty member or other advisor, add their name here.
ex) ACS; NOBCChE; American Society for Mass Spectrometry
Some organizations offer different membership levels or options. Describe which option you chose.
ex) $250