Travel and Outreach Grants

BCCE Travel Grants

The ACS Wisconsin Local Section will sponsor attendance by two high school chemistry teachers at Biennial Conference on Chemical Education. Applications are currently closed.

Outreach Grants

The Wisconsin Local Section Chemistry Grant Program is open to all members of the Wisconsin Local Section of the ACS. The objective of the program is to enhance each applicant’s effectiveness in science-related projects, generate enthusiasm for chemistry, and engage local K-12 students and teachers, communities, organizations, or politicians in exciting activities and in understanding relevance and applications of chemistry today. Long range goals are attracting students to chemistry and science, combating anti-science attitudes, and raising the status of chemistry and science in local communities.


The proposal is limited to one page. The successful proposal should impact a large group of people in appreciating chemistry/science and specify follow-up and evaluation of the event impact. The proposal should describe the activities you propose to carry out, your proposed audience, who will perform the activities. Preference will be given to proposals that describe a sustainable activity that can also be replicated by others. Proposals should be carefully thought through so that authors can provide criteria for success and reviewers can evaluate the likelihood of success.

Example Projects

Example projects are provided to stimulate thought, not to limit the range of submissions. A project might broaden participation in or enhance the Science Olympiad or Wisconsin Crystal Growing Contest. A project might extend the WI Local Section participation in Chemists Celebrate Earth Day or National Chemistry Week. A project might involve one or more community groups participating in science discussions or bring scientists, members of the public, and political representatives together to discuss science and policy. A project may be a field trip of scientific coloring book design.


The proposal budget should be provided on a separate page with a description of the reason for each expenditure. Award amounts range from $250–$1000. Matching funds are encouraged but not required and should be clearly designated in the budget. Grant money cannot be used for salary or honorarium payments.


The following Wisconsin Local Section members are eligible to apply: ACS members; affiliate ACS members; affiliate members of the WI Local Section of the ACS; middle and high school science teachers as well as on-line school instructors who choose to join the WI Local Section of the ACS. Annual dues for affiliate WI Local Section members is $2 (two dollars). The WI Local Section will often pay the dues for its new affiliate members.


The proposal submission deadline is rolling, so please apply at any time. The proposal authors will be informed about the results of proposal review within two weeks from the submission deadline.

Follow up

The successful applicant must agree to submit a brief report within 30 days after the event to describe the activity that took place, its impact, and what you have learned. Excerpts from your report maybe be posted on the ACS WI LS web site to reflect the activity and encourage other participants.


Feel free to contact the ACS Local Section.